Poetry by Ted Jonathan

–A concoction created to ward off rampant evil spirits

asshole of a tarantula
low john root
10 yenta tongues
wattle of a rooster
essence of a rose
clit ring of a whore
wahoo root bark
sumac berries
underbelly of a wild boar
ingrown toenail of a centenarian
90 milligrams methadone
eyeball of a Cyclops
Mr. Potato Head
tonsils of Deep Throat
a partridge and a pear tree
foreskin of an elephant
heart of a flea
wallet of a schnorr
broom straws
1 Big Mac
2 hunchbacks
hot licks and deer ticks
whiskers of a hipster
left testicle of a sex addict
entrails of a sewer rat
violet leaf
liver of a sot
a purring furry cat

12 pints blood /
from any billionaire real estate developer
sprinkle MSG

boil it all in a pot.

This poem was previously published in The New York Quarterly.


About Ted Jonathan

Ted Jonathan’s a poet and short story writer. Born and raised in the Bronx, he now lives in New Jersey. His work has appeared in Pedestal, New York Quarterly, Hiram Poetry Review and many other magazines. Translations of his poetry have appeared in Russian magazines. His first collection, Spiked Libido, was published by Neukeia Press. Bones & Jokes, his most recent full-length collection of poems and short stories, has been published by NYQ Books (2009).