Poetry by Ross Knapp

Manic Nightlife

Desire died long ago
Dionysius both sadistic slavemaster
and masochistic victim
Lonely lustful need remains
Surviving, thriving
In the nightlife
Animalistic aphrodisiac
Narcissistic nymphomaniac
Flashing crimson and turquoise lights
Heart thumps
Sight narrows to tunnel vision
Single minded pursuit
Pursuit of happiness I know is fluid
Temporary rush of the game
A clean, pure high, momentarily releasing
Not for power fame or even pleasure
But to turn off the maelstrom that is my mind
It takes little more than a few witty words,
A few suggestive entrancing glances
A quick brush of the back of the hand
And that’s it, no longer an angst or craving.
Reptilian mystery beds or my rented villa
Tapping my clammy hands on their pastel backs
While we crush and pin each other like cold business associates-
Or antisocial killers.
For a short while we are solid matter, real
The absence of racing thoughts fills me up
Ripped skinny bodies, useful but hollow commodities
Sold to the highest bidder at the bar


About Ross Knapp

Ross Knapp is a recent college graduate with degrees in philosophy and literature. He has an experimental literary novel forthcoming and various poetry publications in Blue Lake Review, Poetry Pacific Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Burningword Literary Journal, Belle Reve Literary Journal, Carcinogenic Poetry, Blood and Thunder Literary Magazine, Verse Virtual, Storyacious, Tipsy Lit Literary Magazine, Hobo Pancakes, Clockwise Cat Literary Magazine, and The Corner Club Press.