Poetry by Michael Estabrook

Cover Note

It is now official, Summer has arrived. Beginning with a heat wave here in Boston. And they say Global Warming might be a factor. Fiddle-de-de as Scarlet would say. I don’t know why we can’t accept things when they are staring us down. I’ve learned over my long, long lifetime that there are a handful of things best not to ignore, such as: Mother Nature, the IRS, my boss, an angry cat (or dog, or gorilla for that matter) a throbbing tooth, a seemingly benign rash, a tornado swirling way off in the distance, ringing fire alarms, an ominous fin sticking up out of the water (and moving towards you) and – most importantly – your Wife (with a capital “W” like Chaucer would write). Thought it might be time to check in and send along a few poems for your consideration. Thanks as always for your time and consideration, and I hope all is well,


About Michael Estabrook

Michael Estabrook is a Marketing Communications Manager for a tiny division of one of the biggest companies in the world, and man, going into an office every day can be excruciating. The stuffy air, the florescent lights are killing him. Thankfully he can retire in 10 or 12 years (maybe). But he still thinks that somehow he’s got to get himself on some boat collecting phytoplankton or into the rich brown hills of Montana searching for TRex bones. Then again maybe he simply should’ve stayed on Northfield Avenue where he belongs and learned to fix cars like his Daddy did.