Poetry by Jonathan Burkhalter

Girl-Child Gonna’ be a Rolling Stone
– for Amanda

That cigarette would’ve looked no better
in a man’s crooked clasp,
hand angled over like a bony
short, shootin’ the shit,

Other hand twirling grace
into Tuesday’s whiskey.
Your Papa taught you good

Daddy’s girl, you
only need two hands to
raise who you want to be.

Tonight’s altar, just dust
Ole porch and boys
hearts too heavy for eyes.

you on your back, in white
red lips on eternal sky,
crooning hallelujahs
to far-off angels in the night


About Jonathan Burkhalter

Jonathan Burkhalter is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee where he studied history. This is his first published work. Besides poetry, he finds interest in studying historical matters pertaining to food and agriculture, and the wide spectrum those two entail. Jonathan lives with his long-time girlfriend and their cat named Stevie Nicks.