Poetry by Ivan Jenson

Hardcover Lover

I am searching for
a bespectacled
specimen of the
Jane Austen
who has sometimes
fingers which
do the walking through
the yellowed pages
of my past and accept
me for the quotation
marks around
the dramatic
dialogue I speak
and who sees me
as the dashing sort
with dashed dreams
debonair and demanding
as the dude in
Fifty Shades
and who places me
in the Erotic Fiction
section of her
store bought thoughts
and who talks
about me
at her book club
causing the literate
moms to lick
the froth off
their Frappucinos
and say:
“I’ll have what she is having.”

What’s your story?

Are you on location
in some exotic locale
or at home baking a cake
boiling angel hair pasta
waking, running
or channel surfing
are you
getting fitted for
some special occasion
or becoming undone
by seduction
could you be
dining in or out
speaking or listening
in any case
are you happy, sad
or somewhere
in between
two cities
time zones
I know
nothing about
what you are
going through
or getting out of
because I have
yet to type
cast you
on my keyboard
fact is
you are pure

About Ivan Jenson

Ivan Jenson’s Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and Interview magazine. His art has sold at Christie’s, New York. His poems have appeared in Word RiotZygote in my CoffeeCamroc Press ReviewHaggard and Halo, Poetry Super HighwayMad SwirlUnderground Voices MagazineBlazevox, and many other magazines, online and in print. Jenson is also a Contributing Editor for Commonline magazine. Ivan Jenson’s debut novel Dead Artist is available as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle and Nook. His new novel, a psychological thriller entitled Seeing Soriah, is now available as an eBook or in Paperback on Amazon.