Poetry by Ivan Jenson

Poem for Dummies

You have to
structure your day
have a routine
be set in your ways
keep everything
in order
stack that which
should be stacked
and pack that
which should be
file your feelings
and your fingernails
flex your muscles
and your options
tack tacky affirmations,
and slogans
on your refrigerator
do what is on
your to do list
and when you
have done
what has to
be done
be done with it
already and
snuggle up
with a dog, book
or lover
and remember
never to watch
the evening news
rest assured that
Rome is burning
so pick up your
and play a little
hey diddle diddle


If there is a moral
or a meaning
or a coda
or a Yoda
or an epilogue
or a subliminal message
or a higher force
or extraterrestrials
or additional dimensions
or a way to have instant
replays in slow motion
incorporated into
any given moment
which went by too soon
or some way to get to Tibet
without having to invest in
an expensive air ticket
or a way to superimpose
myself into the figure
of Michelangelo’s Adam
and touch the finger of God
or some way to not fall
in love at first sight
at least twenty times
a day just riding in
a New York City Subway
or a way that I could
mend the frayed, fragile
wiring of certain strained
not to mention a
possibility of striking
out the bloody world conflicts
which escalate
like an Escher stairway
to hell
then let me know
I look forward
to your response
be it snail mail
or a viral video
answer projected
across the big
Blu-ray sky


About Ivan Jenson

Ivan Jenson is a fine artist, novelist, and contemporary poet. His artwork was featured in Art in AmericaArt News, and Interview Magazine and has sold at auction at Christie’s. Ivan was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a painting titled “Absolut Jenson” for the brand’s national ad campaign. His Absolut paintings are in the collection of the Spiritmusuem, the museum of spirits in Stockholm, Sweden.  Jenson’s painting of the “Marlboro Man” was collected by the Philip Morris corporation. Ivan was commissioned to paint the final portrait of the late Malcolm Forbes.  Ivan has written two novels, Dead Artist and Seeing Soriah, both of which illustrate the creative and often dramatic lives of artists. Jenson’s poetry is widely published (with over 450 poems published in the US, UK, and Europe) in a variety of literary media. A book of Ivan Jenson’s poetry was recently published by Hen House Press titled Media Child and Other Poems, which can be acquired on Amazon. Two new novels by Ivan Jenson will be published in hardcover and will be available for purchase at bookstores worldwide.  Ivan Jenson’s website is: www.IvanJenson.com.