Poetry by Erren Kelly


thirty three
was the year you said
people started getting serious
about life
they started taking things seriously
we were sitting in a coffeehouse
on bedford avenue
in williamsburg, brooklyn
and i realized there was more
to the world than louisiana
you was the tallest girl
i’d ever known (6 feet in bare feet!)
and the tallest girl i’d ever wanted
to make love to
you claimed to have eight nationalities
in your blood, but yet you were
white as a cottonball
you asked me if i had a room somewhere
and i would’ve sold my soul to the devil
for a moment alone with you
i would’ve sold my soul to hold you
on a rooftop in bushwick
when i thought brooklyn was the
placebo i needed to survive
i would’ve loved having you tower
over me naked as a goddess
your breasts in my mouth
blonde hair covering frozen in wonder
patchouli scent dancing in my nose
just as Christ found his epiphany at 33
i find my moment as i touch you
naked on a rooftop
with only brooklyn as our witness
the city lights cleansing us free
from shame


About Erren Kelly

Erren Kelly received his B.A. in English-Creative Writing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. His work had appeared in a number of magazines, such as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish, and Poetry Magazine [online], and anthologies such as In Our Own Words, A Generation X Poetry Anthology, Fertile Ground, and Beyond The Frontier. He loves to read and travel, having visited 45 states, Canada, and Europe.