Poetry by BZ Niditch


That was only shade
in gestures by the staircase
eclipsed from night swells
here by changing shapes
of ocean haze
returning from the Cape
of phantom memory
as ideas float on waves
with spacious sounds
of birdsong from the dunes,
breaths of wind
fill echoes of sea voices
away from unshackled time
of fragrant shadows
along the greensward shore
when first light marvels
from the quick landscape
of budding words
offering us sleepless news
of nature’s nascent signs
along the coast,
our footpaths consumes
the sunshine moving us
like whispers
in corners and crevasses
on the muffled sand
oblivious to your fingers
holding a pear
you wander in the yard
outside of Bay windows
from a scent of Fall’s colors
barely tossed about us.


About BZ Niditch

BZ Niditch has published in North American Review, Pacific Review, Atlanta
, Minnesota Review, Cincinnati Review, Folio, Nebo, Prairie Schooner,
the Aurorean, The Cafe Review, Poet Lore, Hawaii Review, Apalachee Review,
Skidrow Penthouse, Grasslimb, Spillway, Prism International, and Owen Wister
. BZ is the author of 40 poetry collections, including CAPTIVE CITIES,
. He also has several collections of fiction, plays, aphorisms and memoirs.