Poetry by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

A Poet’s Poem / An Irritation
“Che importa?” Scarpia provokes Tosca,
“Spasimi d’ira …. spasimi d’amore” *

It’s like being away too long
spending too much time defining where, exactly
planning the return too long
sorting out the obstacles too long
too many routes
too many weather patterns forming and unforming
too much yet to read
not enough time yet to remember
label it, store it somewhere, trash it
too much mumbling

there’s the fear
one or more
too much to say
already said
too many times
what if
I’m already bleeding.

Until, exhausted from the litany
and resting for tomorrow,
sun hurts your thinning eyelids

it’s like sex
the wanting
the grumbling in your belly
the squeeze in your crotch

Then you sit down and write
one letter after another until you have a word
and then another word and then another …. another
until the spasm subsides.

* “Of what importance is it? …. Whether a spasm of anger or love”


About Angela Consolo Mankiewicz 

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz’s latest chapbooks are An Eye (Pecan Grove Press) and As If (Lummox Press).  She’s been recently published at Full of Crow.com and in London’s Long Poem Magazine.