Photography by Adam Fargason

“Woman at a Street Market – Long Hai”


“Woman on Ba Den mountain – Tay Ninh”


“Man at Cao Dai temple – Tay Ninh”


“Woman at Cao Dai temple – Tay Ninh”


“Partially Blind soothsayer at Nha Vy Temple in Nghe An Province.” This fortune teller uses leaves to read the future of temple visitors.


“Woman at Cao Dai temple – Tay Ninh”


Many stories are told in the faces of the Vietnamese – if these photos have any purpose, it is simply to share some of these stories with the viewer.

Adam is a photographer living in Vung Tau, Vietnam.  He loves traveling throughout the country and photographing the people he meets. His work includes landscape, nature, sports, portraits, photojournalism and macro photography.  His photographs have been used in Nature Photographer Magazine, The Tuscaloosa News, The Crimson White, SynArts exhibitions, and the UAB Art History department.

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