Currently Not Accepting Poetry Submissions

March 4, 2015

Due to a massive backlog, we’re now currently closed to all poetry submissions until future notice indicating otherwise. We ask for patience as we read through the submissions we do have and once we’ve cleared those off our plate, we’ll reopen for business. Thanks very much.

Poetry Submission Policy

Happy New Year!

We’ve had something odd happening with many of our poetry submissions lately and we’d like to correct it. A lot of poetry submissions are being sent to the nonfiction editor for some unknown reason. Some are also being sent to the fiction editor. In our opinion, this is a sign of someone who’s not very professional, someone who doesn’t take submissions seriously enough to do so correctly. Therefore their submissions shouldn’t be taken seriously. Frankly, nearly all of the submissions sent to the wrong editors are pretty bad. So maybe it’s not too surprising. But as of this year, we’re enacting a new policy. All poetry submissions should be sent to the poetry editor at Submissions sent to other editors will be deleted unread. This goes for all submissions sent to other editors. When you submit your work, you show your professionalism, or lack thereof, in following guidelines. Do the right thing. Follow standard procedures and submit to the correct editor. Thanks.

Staff Addition and Fond Fairwell

On behalf of my compadre and RRR poetry editing aficionado, Scott Holstad, I would like to wish Kelley Clink luck in her future endeavors. She’s leaving RRR to pursue having a baby (we want pictures, Kelley!), publishing a memoir (we want to run an excerpt, please, Kelley), and to simply pursue other literary and life adventures. She has been a wonderful addition to RRR as our non-fiction editor and she’s also handled the photography editing duties, and did a magnificent job designing our header and cover shots. She’s simply left RRR in much better shape than it was when she kindly accepted our offer to come aboard the RRR ship. Please know, Kelley, that you will always be a member of the dysfunctional RRR family unit. We appreciate you and may the force be with you!!

With Kelley’s departure, we welcome Gretchen VanOstrand to the mix at RRR, where she’ll take over non-fiction editing duties, as well as navigating our photography submissions and helping design the look of our quarterly issues. We are certainly excited to have Gretchen as a member of the RRR staff (you’ll get your official badge after the bloodletting ceremony, Gretchen).

Sincerely, Chris Duncan, RRR’s Fiction Editor

Poetry Simultaneous Submissions

Lately we’ve been getting deluged by people sending in simultaneous submissions, even though our guidelines quite obviously state we don’t accept them. Maddeningly, some people are even including all of the editors’ email addresses in the To line, with some submitting to well over 30 magazines at a time! 30. That’s stunning. I seriously hope all of these magazines are blacklisting these people.

Some people are withdrawing their submissions because other publications have accepted them, even though they never notified us they were simultaneous submissions.

Pay attention to guidelines when you’re submitting. Don’t send in poetry simultaneous submissions to RRR. They’ll go unread and will get you blacklisted. Be a professional. Show you’re serious. Do the right thing.

Female Poets Welcome

A recent count has shown that about 70% of our poetry submissions are from men. Why aren’t there more female poets submitting to our magazine? We truly welcome any and all, including all women who want to submit their work. Everyone gets fair reviews and readings. So ladies, please submit — we want your work!

Book Reviews

Ray’s Road Review will now publish book reviews. If you’re a contributor with a book you want reviewed, email the appropriate RRR editor to obtain an address to send the book to, and we’ll do our best to write something for a future issue.

Pushcart Prize Nominees

Congratulations to our 2012 Ray’s Road Review Pushcart Prize nominees:

  • Jessica Tyner – “Speleology,” Summer 2012
  • A.D. Winans – “No Questions Asked,” Spring 2012
  • Amanda Rachelle Warren – “In Amber,” Summer 2012
  • Brad G. Garber – “Where We May Be Found,” Fall 2012
  • Christin Rice – “Bring Your Soul to Work Day,” Fall 2012
  • Nels Hanson – “No One Can Find Us,” Spring 2012

These works were standouts in a field of good work from which to choose. Here’s hoping the editors at Pushcart will give these fine writers serious consideration. It was an honor publishing these works. Congrats people!