A.D. Winans

“San Francisco Carnival”

“Kell Robertson”

“Sun Turtles”


“Wavy Gravy”

“Jazz Man”

“Ticket Taker”

“Old Italian”


A.D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet and writer.  He edited and published Second Coming for 17 years.  He is the author of over 50 books and chapbooks of poetry and prose.  His work has been published internationally and translated into eight languages.  In  2002, a song poem of his was performed at Alice Tully Hall, NYC.  In 2006, PEN National awarded him a Josephine Miles Award for excellence in literature.  In 2009, he was presented with a PEN Oakland Lifetime Achievement Award.  Late this year or early next year, NYQ will publish a book of his political poems, spanning over 50 years.