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RRR’s family and friends,

Scott, Gretchen, and I are taking an indefinite hiatus from RRR editorial duties. Scott is dealing with rather severe health concerns, so depending on your religious/spiritual/secular-humanistic/ atheistic/ agnostic/ inclinations, please say a prayer for him and/ or send loads of positive energy. Scott is RRR’s poetry editor, a wonderful writer and poet in his own right, and a person I’m happy to call my good friend. I’d like to really say thank you to Scott’s better half, Gretchen, who handles photography and non-fiction duties at RRR. She’s also a great friend and has done a bangup job. I’m going to concentrate on my own writing and other endeavors that have been marinating in my brain bag for a good while (start a podcast, finish my first novel, etc.).

RRR has gone into dormancy before only to  come buzzing back like some sort of Mountain Dew juiced Cicada. RRR will wipe the sleep from its eyes like John Francis Dooley and forge ahead at some point, I feel sure. Please peruse the RRR’s archives and enjoy the work of some very talented folks.

See you later! –Chris Duncan, RRR Founder and Fiction Editor